Company Overview


Little Sprouts Talent Group is a children’s agency working with kids, from newborns to teenagers. The agency provides models to a broad spectrum of clients including retailers, advertising agencies, television & film producers, newspaper- magazine publishers and other media companies.

We represent children that are diverse, unique, quirky, and of course marketable. In other words, our kid’s rock! Little Sprouts works with kids from infancy to 15 years old and offers a nurturing environment in which our kids are encouraged to flourish. During our years of working with children we have found that establishing a strong working relationship with the parents is just as important. Our objective is to provide a personal service to our kids, parents and our clients.

Meet our staff

Little Sprouts has many years of experience in the entertainment field to rely on. The President and CEO Sean Marks, born in Denmark was a successful model in Europe in the 70’s. She moved to Los Angeles and worked as an executive’s assistant for a major studio for 10 years. Following her dreams, for the next 6 years she worked as a Casting Director and has cast hundreds of projects from Los Angeles to New York. She then launched Little Sprouts and with the support of a tireless staff and great agents, Sean has helped many little careers.

Every other month or so we have a meet and greet at our offices, where our clients, talent and parents are invited for food and fun. This is a great way to network and get to know everyone. It also gives our clients and casting directors a chance to see some of our "sprouts" in person. Contact us to RSVP for the next event.

Client Services

Little Sprouts Talent Group, with its commitment to excellence assures our clients the best possible casting session.

Music Videos

Contact Sean Marks or Wendy Greenberg for your next project.


Little Sprouts Talent Group

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